We are happy to inform you that we have succesfully completed our level THREE program. These workshops focus on kid's creativity and develop their skills with the help of technology. Recommended for age group from 9 TO 14.

Come and meet mBot, a friendly entry-level robot for every child! One stop Shop for all your robotic needs. Carrier growth and enthusiasm and generate the creative mind of the students to create their own Robots. Unleash their imagination and make mBot come alive with simple drag and drop programming blocks. Upgrade the fun and explore more ways to play with add-on packs. We believe that every child has the potential to be a great inventor!

Coding has become a new modern day language to express ideas, inspiring children’s originality, while helping develop logical thinking. Our programming software is made up of colorful and modularized drag and drop graphical blocks. Children can now feel accomplished when they are able to easily program the mBot without writing difficult codes and language.

The coming decade will be defined by the largest workforce transition in the history of mankind. Millions of jobs will be lost to technology, while millions of new jobs will be created. Perhaps more importantly, the vast majority of remaining jobs will be transformed and applicants with robotics literacy and strong tech skills will have a significant advantage when applying for jobs across virtually all industries. It's not just that "we'll need more roboticists" (although that is definitely true)... ALL our students need to be gaining robotics literacy and stronger STEM skills. To understand how technology will impact the workforce, view the video below, or scroll down and keep reading...

As teachers, we’re well aware that STEM education is essential in preparing students for today’s world of non-stop innovation.

In my 13 years of teaching I’ve seen many curriculum fads come and go, but the use of robotics in the classroom has proven to be a consistent and surefire way to teach students the STEM skills needed to prepare them for the future job market. I’ve seen firsthand how it teaches students 21st-century skills including coding, engineering and the scientific method in a fun and engaging way.

However, there are so many other incredible things that I’ve watched my students learn in addition to STEM curriculum. Here are the top five unexpected benefits I’ve seen in students who use robotics in the classroom:

Robotics can be a launching pad for students to realize their passions.

By going through the process of building a robot in the classroom, students explore many different learning pathways. It’s amazing to watch students’ passions grow in subjects that they never knew they would love.

Some of my students have cultivated an interest in 3D printing and coding, and have even gone as far as to take apart household appliances because they have a new-found interest in mechanics. You can watch these students build their own learning pathways because robotics offers them an open platform where they can decide where to go with their experimentations. For teachers, a robotics curriculum naturally allows us to take an individualized approach to each student’s learning, helping to nurture their passions even further.